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Increase Your Curb Appeal With New Sliding Patio Doors

Why not spice up both the interior and exterior of your home? A beautiful set of replacement glass doors will make an instant statement as soon as someone walks through them- they’ll look great on any front entranceway or in back patios too!

Patio Door Operating Options

Sliding patio doors have become increasingly popular in recent years. These large, sliding windows can be found on the outside of many homes and condos for obvious reasons — they allow natural light to shine through without taking up any space inside your home. They also give you a unique view from both sides with different hinges that are either standard or French-style.

French patio doors provide a chic touch to any home, with wider stiles and rails providing a traditional look. A French sliding door operating style provides an elegant appearance in tight spaces. Consider adding grids patterns or sidelites for decoration or additional light respectively.

A door that swings inward is an elegant choice. It’s best for large spaces with no furniture close to the doorway because it has a hinge on the inside of your home and opens inwards, giving you access without running into anything. Sidelites will let more light shine through!

These patio doors offer the same look of wider stiles and rails that you’ll see in a sliding French door, but they swing outward on hinges located outside your home. This not only allows more room for furniture inside, but it also creates a clean interior frame with minimal framing areas showing on either side when opened or closed. A great solution for expansive outdoor living spaces!

With Pocket Patio Doors, their size is no match for the ease of sliding glass doors. With a quick push or pull on one panel, all panels disappear from view and you have access to an entire doorway.

A sliding glass wall is a versatile and customizable addition to any home. From the modern minimalist style of clean lines, or an elegant Victorian design with ornate detail work, we have options for all tastes! Add character to your space by choosing from our unique selection of custom hinged doors in different materials such as mahogany wood accents paired up beautifully with sleek stainless steel tracks.

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We’re locally manufactured right here in our own facility which means we can guarantee quality assurance and installation service without all those pesky inconveniences like long wait times for shipping, damage during transit etc.

Frequently Asked Quesitons

Sliding doors are practical and efficient for ventilating your home. They offer more control than bifolding doors because you don’t have to fold the door set partially, which is great if there’s limited space in a room or hallway. Sliding panels can be slid open as much or as little so that ventilation doesn’t interfere with furniture placement on either side of the panel when opened all the way – perfect for day-to-day use! Our products also include our latest generation components like rollers and running gear, making it effortless no matter what size or weight of sliding door you need

Sliding doors glide along metal, wood or vinyl tracks fitted into their frames at the top and bottom. To ease movement, sliding doors often have plastic rollers attached to them on either side near the top of one door and just below where it meets with its counterpart on the other end.

A two panel sliding door will have just one vertical mullion, while a three panel door has just two. There are no other types of doors that come with such slimming qualities like these and this is what makes them so special for anyone who values more glass than aluminium in their residences. Sliding doors also don’t block your view due to how they meet together when you slide and fold it; bifolding windows do not offer the same sight lines as sliding ones because we think if you live in any rural area or enjoy some fantastic views from where you call home then a sliding window would be perfect!

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Why B&W?

Imagine your living room with a sliding patio door that opens to an outdoor lounge area. Imagine the fresh air and sounds from outside gently seeping into your home while you chat on the couch in front of its warm fireplace after dinner or watch TV at any time of day, enjoying all this space has to offer! We take pride in the quality used for these products because they will not only improve your home’s aesthetic but also protect it from intruders that might want to come inside like birds or bugs. This is an investment into your future!



Exterior folding doors are perfect for anyone looking to achieve the ultimate indoor/outdoor experience while getting incredible energy efficiency and performance.


Invite the outdoors in – and the indoors out. With a simple swipe, expansive panels slide open easily to let fresh air inside or close up again with ease so that you can enjoy peace at home.


The function of in-swing french doors is to bring more natural light into your home. It also adds a beautiful look and gives you creative design freedom with our series of options for French patio doorways.


The sleek design of this door means you can easily fit it into tight spaces. It’s a perfect choice for those who want a professional look without sacrificing functionality.




Our design consultants listen to your needs and create a plan to improve energy efficiency and enhance your home's beauty.



Project technicians ensure accuracy/answer any last minute questions before sending the order for your customized windows.



Our Installers treat your home as if it were their own and clean up afterwards.



A robust limited warranty is backed by a commitment to making sure your windows function as expected.