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If you’re looking for the perfect balance between open-air living and a more secluded, private space – these exterior folding doors are what you need. When they’re closed, it’s like having your very own room with an extraordinary view to boot!

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What Are Multi-Slide Doors?

Multi-slide doors are the perfect solution if you want to get more out of your space. They offer a smoother, quieter way for days when every inch counts. The design ensures that they never take up too much room and can be tucked away into pockets in the wall or stacked one on top of each other near an opening’s edge with ease!

When closed, this floor-to-ceiling expanses of glass create extraordinary panoramic views that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.  One door sits behind or in front of another creating a narrow sightline instead of two making it seem as though there is no separation at all even when they are shut.

Imagine a single door that can open up to 12 feet and span 50 feet! This is the kind of design you’ll find with B&W double-sliding doors. The panels are mounted in such way so there’s only one narrow line when closed, but this creates expansive views from inside or outside your space every time it opens because they’re floor-to-ceiling glass.

Fastest Turnaround Times in Southern California

We know that waiting for a door replacement can seem like an eternity. That’s why we’ve got the fastest turnaround time in town at 12-16 business days! We’re 80% faster than our competition, so call us today to learn more about our speedy service and get your door up fast.

Orange County Premium Sliding Door Multi-Slide Doors Quirks & Features

With B&W, you can find the perfect patio door for your home. They offer various configurations to fit a variety of lifestyles including sliding doors that move in one direction or have panels stack together with an opening on both sides so they don’t take up much space inside and outside the home. With their strong roller system designed to glide smoothly across any surface, custom frame sizes are available if needed as well as panel dimensions – there truly is a style out there for everyone!

B&W’s patio doors are designed for smooth operation and come in a variety of styles to suit your home. We offer single-slide, bi-parting panels or stackable framed windows that fit into the wall pocket so you can be sure every door is customized just for you. Our strong roller system allow easy adjustments to match any lifestyle too!

We offer patio doors in a variety of colors and designs to suit any home. The aluminum exterior is available with either an industrial or modern design, while the wood interior can be stained for a more classic look as desired. We also provide hardware finishes that match your choice of color from our wide selection so you can feel confident about what you’re buying!

We offer many different types of door styles here at B&W, including multi-slide patio doors made from both aluminum and beautiful wood frames. If there’s one thing we know everyone loves it’s having choices, which is why we have such diversity when it comes to hue/color schemes on all models

Frequently Asked Quesitons

The sliding patio door is a great way to access your backyard or porch. It’s convenient and visually appealing, too! These doors will last you about 30 years with just consistent light cleaning-that means it won’t need any major maintenance like painting or resealing the surface.

The first thing to do when you find an unfamiliar object is determine what it’s made of. You can use your fingers or a pen to tap the surface, and listen for a panging sound like that of metal frying pans—this means it’s aluminum. A muted thunking noise indicates that the material in question is vinyl instead.

The sliding doors are one of the types that you’re most likely to know about. It has two panels, with a fixed panel and an opening panel which slides along on tracks in horizontal direction. The stacking door is also different from the sliding door because it works differently; instead of having just one slide, there will be many stacked together as they move back and forth overtop each other until they reach their destination!

Sliding glass doors are an excellent way to connect rooms and bring the outdoors in. These sliding systems can be configured with two panels or as multi-slides that run the length of a wall for maximum versatility! You’ll find a design suitable for virtually any style for your home.

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Exterior folding doors are perfect for anyone looking to achieve the ultimate indoor/outdoor experience while getting incredible energy efficiency and performance.


Invite the outdoors in – and the indoors out. With a simple swipe, expansive panels slide open easily to let fresh air inside or close up again with ease so that you can enjoy peace at home.


The function of in-swing french doors is to bring more natural light into your home. It also adds a beautiful look and gives you creative design freedom with our series of options for French patio doorways.


The sleek design of this door means you can easily fit it into tight spaces. It’s a perfect choice for those who want a professional look without sacrificing functionality.




Our design consultants listen to your needs and create a plan to improve energy efficiency and enhance your home's beauty.



Project technicians ensure accuracy/answer any last minute questions before sending the order for your customized windows.



Our Installers treat your home as if it were their own and clean up afterwards.



A robust limited warranty is backed by a commitment to making sure your windows function as expected.