What window design trends and favorites should you consider for your home?

  1. Rustic
  2. Geometric
  3. Full Wall
  4. Bay Area Style
  5. Skylight

More and more people are redesigning the windows in their homes with the help of window replacement companies. The Golden State of California is filled with diverse culture and design inspirations. The emergence of social media has made it easier for homeowners to get inspired and get moved to achieve the house of their dreams. The promise of a new home design is a sign of progression and new beginnings.

Homeowners are now more aware of what they want from their homes than ever before. Surges of inspiration can be seen almost anywhere. Rustic designs are very popular amongst the young and informed individuals who have an aesthetic that takes into consideration the sustainability of the environment. For individuals with an artistic approach, geometric designs add flair to otherwise plain areas of the house. Golden State residents who live near coastal or beach areas enjoy full wall windows to let in as much natural light as possible. Who wouldn’t want to miss the view of a beautiful sunrise or the somber colors of the sunset? If you’re looking to change up your window designs, here are five trends you can take inspiration from:



The rustic style is defined as rugged and natural. It embraces the inherent beauty of nature and the earth. It gives an authentic warmth to a home. With the emergence of a contemporary rustic style, homes can feel fresh and inviting.

This style is perfect for homes near natural resources or to simply fit the style of the homeowner. Wooden frames in tandem with durable glass windows give off an authentic and inviting feeling. Picture-type windows fit Golden State homes that are surrounded by relaxing views of the ocean or refreshing and lush greenery.


Many homes in Orange County will enjoy the simplicity of geometric shapes for their homes. Geometric windows can accentuate the current architecture of a home without overpowering the design. Celebrities that are in need of privacy will opt for geometrically-designed homes instead of ones with open windows that show everything.

Geometric shapes are not only for those who want privacy. It’s also great for people who enjoy the countryside style. Geometric shapes add interest to otherwise bland or cluttered rooms. These types of windows are perfect for the library or study area and the kitchen area.

Full Wall

Full Wall

Full wall windows make the room feel more open, especially if combined with a sliding door. Homeowners that want style in combination with an eco-friendly light source can utilize full-wall windows to the maximum capacity. Consider placing your full wall windows next to the patio or garden area to let in as much natural light as possible.

Folding windows are also great for minimalist homes that want a stylish room divider. This can still divide the room without occupying a lot of space. It also serves as a nice decoration to fit the minimalist style.

Bay Area Style

The San Francisco Bay Area style is a unique style for apartments in by the bay. However, you can also adapt this design to your home even if you don’t reside within the area if they’re in need of extra space and light. Adding a bay type window to a room facing the outside allows you to have a perfect reading or studying area — useful for smaller homes. This brings in natural light and a view of the outside that can ease the mind. The overall feel of a bay-type window adds warmth and coziness to any home.



Skylights are great eco-friendly alternatives for enclosed rooms. Natural lighting is the best type of light. It’s especially useful for the well being and the health of an individual. Studio lofts can greatly reduce their energy consumption through the use of strategic skylights. Skylight windows can also function as an entry point to a private balcony located on top of the room.

Natural sunlight from the skylight is also especially useful as a morning wakeup call. Waking up to the sun rising is the most relaxing way to start the day. Vacation homes near beaches will greatly benefit from skylights as it also adds a progressive aesthetic.

Key Takeaway

Window replacement ideas don’t need to be completely extravagant. Any home can adapt the styles and designs from different parts of the world. Homes in the suburbs are not limited to basic shapes. It’s all about personal style and what mood is being drawn in. Bring a mood board and photos for inspiration to a trusted contractor. Be vocal and make sure communication is clear.

Rustic styles are popular with influencers and homeowners who want a more inviting feeling in their rooms. Your window replacement company of choice isn’t going to be limited to one style, but a good idea to think about is adding the rustic element to a geometric frame. It brings out the inner countryside of an apartment or home.

An individual concerned with eco-friendly options can choose full wall windows, glass dividers, and skylights to use the light given by the sun. It saves electricity during the day and fits with a pool or backyard. The bay windows are cozy in combination with a rustic frame. This makes any area relaxing and warm with the special corner created by the bay.

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