Window and Door Buying Guide: Who Makes the Best Windows and Doors

Selecting a new door and windows is no easy feat nowadays. In the past, you just had a few brands to choose from when buying new doors and windows. But today, there is a large variety of windows and doors available from multiple brands. Choosing the best ones can be a difficult task indeed.

To make it easier for you to select the best windows and door for your place, we have prepared this buying guide. Here, you will learn about the three key factors that should be considered when selecting new windows and doors for your home. We have also provided a brief overview of the best window and door manufacturers in the US.

1. Build Quality

Quality always trumps price when it comes to selecting a window or door. You should always go with the best quality door and windows that you can afford. The benefit of selecting quality products is that they outlast cheap, low-quality products.

The price of a high quality window or door may be high. But you will save money in the long term. High-quality fixtures require low maintenance. Additionally, they last for a long time before requiring a replacement. So, going for a quality product will always be a smart choice for new or replacement windows and doors.

2. Build Material

When it comes to the window and door material,  vinyl, wood, and aluminum are the most popular options. Each of these materials has its pros and cons. While the cost of the materials differs, vinyl windows and doors are the best options due to their reasonable quality and price.

Wooden windows and doors, on the other hand, are prone to sun and water damage and are costly. Aluminum is less costly than wood but it is steadily losing market share due to better alternatives.

Vinyl windows and doors are generally the best options since they are economical and durable. Consider  opting for white or black vinyl windows and doors as they look classy. They are also known for their high energy efficiency, durability, and reliability. Vinyl doors and windows are moisture and insect-proof and have good insulation properties.

3. Brand Name

Always go for windows and doors made by a reputable brand to ensure high quality. As mentioned earlier, inferior quality windows and doors may be low priced, but you will lose money in the long term due to high repair costs.

A reputable brand company also offers a warranty on its products. You can rest assured that the warranty will be honored in case the window or door becomes defective during the warranty period. Reputable companies offer a warranty on their products since they are confident about the quality and craftsmanship of their products.

Best Windows and Door Manufactures

Win-Dor Systems

Win-Dor Systems is a premium quality manufacturer of windows and doors. The company was founded in 1990 by Wolf Wirthgen and Gary Templin. Headquartered in Brea, CA, Win-Dor Systems has quickly become one of the leading windows and door manufacturing company in the US.

The company offers one of the largest varieties of windows and doors. It manufactures custom and standard-sized windows, including awning, bay, bow, casement, single and double hung, double slider, garden, geometric, picture, and single slider windows. Additionally, the company manufactures entry doors, French hinged patio doors, folding and bi-folding doors, and patio doors.

Anderson Window & Doors

Anderson Window & Doors is a reliable company that was founded in 1904 in Bayport, Minnesota. The company manufactures windows, doors, skylights, and other products. It offers premium quality A-series windows with awning, double hung, casement, and specialty windows. Moreover, the company offers gliding and hinged patio doors. Screen doors and storm doors are also popular products manufactured by the company.

Milgard Window

Milgard Window is an American-based company established in 1962. The company manufactures custom windows and patio doors. It offers full lifetime warranties on all its products. Unlike most companies that outsource manufacturing, Milgard is one of the few companies that manufactures all its products in its own facility in California.

Marvin Windows and Doors

Marvin Windows & Doors has been operating as a family-owned business since 1904. The company manufactures awning, single-hung, sliding, casement, corner, double-hung, tilt-turn & hopper windows. It also manufactures a wide variety of doors and windows, including sliding, multi-slide, bi-fold, swinging, and lift and style doors.

Pella Corporation

Pella Corporation was established in Pella, OH, in 1925. The company initially manufactured Rolscreen© window screen. The updated design Rolscreen© windows are widely used even today and the company also manufactures storm doors and patio doors.

The privately-owned company also manufactures awning, casement, and hinged doors made of fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. It operates the store operations in Lowe’s Home Improvement stores. The doors and windows manufactured by Pella are known for their high energy-efficiency. 


Jeld-Wen is another reputable windows and doors manufacturing company that was established in 1960. It has acquired dozens of different brands over the years, including Aneeta, Dooria, Karona, LaCantina, Breezway, Trend, Mattiovi Oy, Milliken Millworks, MiraTec, and others.

The American-based company has over 120 manufacturing facilities in over 19 countries. It designs and produces interior and exterior windows and doors, wall systems, shower, enclosures, closet systems, and many other components. The company manufactures doors and windows for both residential and commercial buildings.

Wrapping It All Up

The guide will help you in making a smart selection for your new door and window installation project. The key is to ensure that your choice of door and windows complements your budget and personal style. You will also want one that is of high quality, durable, and energy-efficient. Low maintenance is also an important consideration when buying a new door or windows.

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