Choosing the perfect windows for your house and matching them with the interiors as well as exterior can be a great challenge. You can get lost in the variety of materials and options available.

However, you’re in luck. We’ve designed an easy guide for you to consider your options and decide on a window design carefully.

Choose the Purpose of Your Windows

The purpose of your windows depends upon the house structure and the area where you live. Some people would need windows for ventilation in their houses to allow airflow around the house, keeping it cool during the summers. Others need light to brighten up their house, reducing their light and heating bills. Some people need windows as a decorative ornament that can upgrade the look of their rooms and give an aesthetic view of the world outside.

Figure Out the Type of Windows You Want

There are numerous types of windows to choose from; however, it depends on the purpose of your windows and the number of people living in your house. Sliding windows and bi-fold windows are two of the traditional choices that most people have installed in their houses.

Select the Window Frames Material

Window frames protect your windows from harsh weather and uplift the look of the windows, matching it to the interior of your house.

Aluminum is chosen because of its strength to endure the heavy glass without causing the windows to jam and drag. But they tend to heat up in the summers, making it difficult to operate as the frame gets hot.

Wood is a classic choice and gives a traditional look to your house. Wooden frames tend to regulate the temperature in the house by resisting heat and condensation. However, the panels in the windows can contract and expand, making it difficult during the changing weather and can jam the window folds.

Vinyl frames around the glass increase energy efficiency that saves your energy bills in the long run. Vinyl windows have an average lifespan of around 20–40 years and are quite low-maintenance depending on the weather conditions.

Other materials can be polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and fiberglass, which can be expensive but are sturdy and can be painted according to your preference. They undergo minimal contraction and expansion, while being heat-resistant as well.

Select the Type of Glass


You can select different types of glass and transform the look of your windows and make it more unique.

Single pane windows have just one panel of glass. They are a cheaper alternative than the others and can be made in the same materials.

Double pane windows have two panes of glass that are separated by a layer of gas. Argon or krypton gas is usually used to increase thermal efficiency. Double pane windows are also make your room sound-proof, eliminating all the noise that can emerge from the road so you can work from home without distractions.

Tempered glass is stronger and studier than any other glass, so it is preferred to be installed near your entrance. It prevents glass shattering and can be used in single and double pane windows.

Figure Out the Window Size

large-windowsAll the factors come down to the window size as the light, ventilation, frames, glass type all can change due to this.

It’s recommended that in hotter places you should install smaller windows to reduce the heat entering your house. In colder places, maximum light and heat are preferred so larger windows are installed.

You can also vary the shape of your windows, like long, rectangular windows are usually placed near the stairways of your house to maintain more light. While large, square windows are installed in the rooms.

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