The most beautiful window designs can look flawed if installed carelessly. The accuracy of measurements and precision in each step of the procedure is crucial for attaining the best results.

You can invest thousands in gorgeous glass-paneled casement windows for your home. But if they’re installed poorly, the look of your interiors will suffer.

This is why choosing the right window replacement company in your area is important. Never trust a new start-up that’s offering services at unimaginably low prices; there’s something not right there. Look for customer reviews and see how experienced the professionals are. Check their work and approach their customer representatives for consultations before making up your mind.

We’re always available to discuss everything with you. Plus, we offer a free estimate to let you decide while keeping the cost in mind. Our price charges fair compensation because we take a personal interest in your home and dedicate our best craftsmen to ensure maximum precision. Here’s why that’s so important.

Diagonal Measurements

Drawing a square window on the wall is not as easy as drawing it on paper. Even when you’re sure that the verticals are perfectly straight and the horizontals perfectly perpendicular to them, there are chances of error. It’s better to err on the side of caution, and that’s why experts at B&W take extra care while measuring a square shape in the size of your preference.

That’s why measuring diagonally is a crucial step in the process. Both diagonal lengths should be exactly equal. The slightest difference in their measurement can lead to major design errors during window installation.

Check for Distortion

If we’re replacing an old window frame with one of our vinyl picture windows, we’ll take the measurements and match them to check for distortion. Water damage or erosion due to the elements often cause warping, making corresponding horizontal and vertical sides incongruent.

It’s best to measure from the top, middle, and bottom to make sure that the window’s width is equal from all points. If there are discrepancies in the lengths, we take the longest length and adjust the new window. This applies to the width and height.


Room for Expansion and Adjustments

As crucial as it is to be precise in the measurements, it’s important to leave room on the sides. A new window requires an adequate opening that allows for shims, thermal expansion and insulation.

For that, we leave about a quarter inch in the height and width measurements. This lets the frame fit beautifully into the space without cutting corners literally to fit into the desired spot. We make sure there aren’t any gaps left on the side once the window installation is complete.

Are you ready to get the new windows for the house? Look no further because at B&W LLC—Orange County Window and Door Replacement, we offer the best vinyl window replacement Orange County. We also provide customized window replacements to Orange County homes so that our clients get the dream home they’ve always wanted. They also give free no-obligation quotes, so feel free to hit them up for details.


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