Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Home improvement projects are time-consuming, costly, and require a lot of effort.

That’s why it’s easy to push off replacing your windows to the last minute. But when was the last time you checked the condition of your windows? You may have not even noticed how damaged your framed or aluminum windows are—but you really should inspect them.

Here’s how to figure out when to replace your windows.

It’s Noisy

The first tell-tale sign that you need to replace your windows is that you can hear a lot of outside noise. If you’re constantly being awakened by cars zooming past your street, it probably means that your windows aren’t sealed correctly. Single pane windows transfer sound and vibration, noising up your whole house. The best option to limit outside noise and vibration is by investing in high-quality vinyl windows that are known for their insulation, are super durable and affordable.

They’re Difficult to Operate

Opening and closing windows shouldn’t be a part of your daily workout routine—you should be able to operate them effortlessly. If your windows are challenging to open, close or lock, that means you need to replace them. This can have to do with improper installation, but external factors such as being subject to extreme temperatures may also cause this. Rusting and rotting windows are generally difficult to operate, and if you can’t lock your windows properly, it’s a serious threat to the safety of your home.

A window in a living room with curtains and furniture

Your Bills Are High

Try this out: on a cold day, stand next to your window. If the glass feels cold to touch, the warm air from your furnace is being cooled down as it gets within a few feet of your windows. That’s a huge waste, causing your energy bill to go up. If you feel a draft of wind even when your window is up, there could be numerous issues, including poor insulation and faulty seals. This can drastically affect the temperature of your home, making your energy bills go up.

One way to avoid high energy bills is by investing in vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are energy efficient and have moderate to high R-values. This means that they’re resistant to heat flow—the higher the value, the greater the resistance. With glasses being sealed with rubber seals, installing double glazed panels will increase insulation, helping you cut heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

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