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Preparing Your Home For Window Installation

According to statistics, the wood window and door installation market in the United States grew to an all-time high of 14 billion U.S dollars in 2020, with an increase of 1.5 percent per annum.

This shows that due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, people staying at home can now focus on home improvement renovations.

Here’s how you can get windows and doors in Orange County, CA, installed without any hassle.

Preparing your home for a new window installation

It’s a good practice to prepare the work area before the professionals come in so that they don’t face problems while working.

The following steps should be taken for a smooth installation process:

Clean inside and outside window area:

Ensure that the installation crew’s got enough space to work remove all plants, furniture, and other moveable items around the work area. There may also be a need to cut back trees or shrubs that may create hurdles for the workers.

Protect flooring:

You can use several options for protective floor coverings, like plastic sheets or a canvas drop cloth. This will cause minimal damage to your floor while keeping dust off other floor coverings like carpets.

Takedown window treatments:

You must remove all window coverings like drapes, curtains, roll-up shades, blinds, and other coverings before installation. This will help clear the work area for the installation crew members.

Power down security sensors:

Security alarms connected to your windows should be disconnected before beginning the installation process so that you don’t disturb your neighbors save time. Arrange for the professionals to deactivate the system and reactivate it once the new window is installed.

Remove wall décor:

Ornaments and picture frames around the work area wall should be removed before the installation process prevents damage to valuables.

Workstation area:

You must provide the worker’s space so they can carry out all the sawing and assembly of the window components. The driveway is the best location as it is right outside the house.

Keep children and pets away:

Children and pets should be supervised closely during installation as workers usually use tools and other dangerous equipment.

Window installation workspace with wood and power tools on the floor

Less Effort

The best part about hiring experts is that it’ll save you time and effort. Window installations are tricky projects and need professional supervision.

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