Imagine you and your family are on a getaway trip to a resort in Cancun. All of you are tired/jetlagged from the long flight and you finally approach the front desk to check in. You’re escorted to your suite, you walk into your room and what do you see? A beautiful ocean view that your resort has provided you. You walk up to the beautiful vinyl sliding doors and open up to the smell of salt water and the crisp ocean breeze. It is finally settling in. Nothing matters at this point except your family and the time you’re going to be spending with them. Life is great and you are enjoying every second of your escape from reality. Imagine if you can enjoy this on a daily basis?

At times, reality can be overwhelming and fast-paced. What better way to find your escapism then to recreate those moments that brought you peace and joy? Doors aren’t just a means of entering or exiting a building, it’s the face of your property and your best memories. It’s your entry to your backyard where you can cherish those glorious memories with your loved ones. As a home owner, give yourself the vacation vibe with sliding doors for your home. Remanence those moments and allow others to enjoy them with you.

Your doors are some of the most important parts of your house. Not only do they add beauty and value to your home, but they also provide safety and protection. Many people refer to an entry door as the mouthpiece of the home because of the role it plays in welcoming people into your home.

Vinyl sliding doors have come a long way from the different variants of decades past. Modern vinyl doors are made of resin polyvinyl chloride and have made huge advancements in visual appeal, quality, and durability.

Vinyl doors are the most cost-effective entry door choice with excellent stats for a door of the prices available. With the higher strength and lower maintenance when compared to wood, you get a better overall material that won’t break the bank!

Some additional benefits of vinyl sliding doors is:

  • Efficiency: Vinyl will offer your home an airtight seal against thermal intrusion, and will even resist heat transfer. That means more energy savings, which is always a plus.
  • Aesthetic: Vinyl doors can be made to look like nearly anything. Make them look like wood, like steel, or even have them look totally unique. They also come in a wide array of colors as well.
  • Immunities: Unlike wood doors neither of these will rot or support the growth of mold, making them longer-lived and more durable overall. Vinyl doors don’t dent either, sporting very high impact resistance.
  • Minimal Maintenance: A bit of dusting or wiping down is all that is required from either of these. That makes them much less frustrating than wood, and still a bit simpler than a steel doors.

In addition to your family and renters loving the new doors, so will your wallet. Installing new doors doesn’t just help increase your curb appeal, it also increases your property value as well. If you’re thinking about selling your property and boosting the value by upgrading the doors, then you need to make the right choice of styles and fittings. Most home buyers make their mind up about a property within the first minute of setting their eyes on your property so the sight of an old or faded door is going to make them think that they are going to have to spend big bucks to get the house looking right, which gives you a disadvantage when it comes to negotiations.

If you are looking to make updates to your home but you want those updates to provide a good return on investment upon resale, a vinyl front door checks that item off your list. Vinyl doors have consistently been one of the highest returning home improvement projects during the sale of a home.

Older doors and their framing wear out over the decades. If you feel a draft around your door, that’s outside air coming in, which also means your conditioned air is escaping. That’s a comfort and energy bill issue that can easily be corrected with a new door and framing.

Also, an old door and frame may have accumulated weather and water damage. So be sure to check the threshold for any moisture or mold damage and take the opportunity to correct water issues before replacing the threshold.

Upgrading your doors can provide a dramatic impact on your home in general. When you decide to get a door replacement, turn to B&W. We provide a range of door styles, colors, and finishes that will match any architectural design.

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