How Do You Make Your Windows Last Longer?

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How do you make your windows last longer?

  1. Clean them regularly
  2. Replace cracked glass
  3. Inspect for drafts
  4. Replace window coating
  5. Lubricate if needed

After getting a new garden window replacement, the thing you most worry about is what you can do to make it last longer. Windows, like the rest of your home, can weaken because of a lot of outside factors. These factors include weather, moisture, heat, and dirt.

To take care of your garden window, these are the different steps to accomplish.

Clean them regularly

How do you make your windows last longer?

Windows should be cleaned twice a year. If they aren’t, dust and other debris are just going to end up accumulating on the glass panes. Additionally, letting too much dirt build up in the exterior of your window may even lead to glass plane damage and even breakage. Since glass is porous, it can absorb substances that might make it weak and brittle. Cleaning glass panes regularly will prevent you from spending too much on professional cleaning.

To properly clean your windows, you should do it from the outside and do it on a cloudy day so the sun doesn’t dry out the cleaning liquid before you can wipe it off. Afterward, follow these steps:

Remove the dirt and dust with a brush. If this does not work, wash it away with a soft brush and hot water.

Make the cleaning liquid by mixing two gallons of water, ¼ cup liquid dish detergent, and one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. Detergent removes all the dirt effectively, while the alcohol will leave the glass with a glossy shine.
Cover the whole window with the cleaning liquid by scrubbing with a soaked sponge.

To wipe your window dry, you can use a super absorbent microfiber cloth or a squeegee. Microfiber cloths work best with small windows. Because of its size, a squeegee is the better choice for larger windows.

Replace cracked glass

Replace cracked glass

Cracked glass in your garden window replacement can make it more prone to accidents that will compromise the thermal insulation of your home. You need to replace it as quickly as possible because it has experienced thermal stress. Thermal gradients caused by extremely hot temperatures can cause the glass panels to expand into different parts of the window, causing cracks to happen.

It is best to hire a window contractor to replace your old glass panel with a new one completely. While waiting for their services, you can temporarily solve the problem by covering the whole window with some duct tape and cardboard. This will protect your window from shattering and hurting other people.

Inspect for drafts

Drafts can be described as the unusually chilly air you feel whenever you pass by your window, even though it is summer or your house is well-heated. This draft occurs because your window seal in your new home construction is currently experiencing a problem.

Your window seal could potentially be experiencing any of these problems.

  • Mold
  • The window seal has dried out, leading to gaps in your window

If you can’t pinpoint the exact problem, you can usually call for a window contractor to help you because they have the expertise. Additionally, they would also know the answer to both of these problems.

If your draft is a result of poor weather-stripping, he will solve the issue by adding a new V-channel weather-stripping, and this seal will automatically close the gap between the window and frame.

Mold, on the other hand, can grow in your window frame if your weather-stripping is made out of rubber since it is seen as food. Additionally, it grows because of too much moisture. Let the mold problem grow too long and it may change the shape and effectiveness of the rubber material. The window contractor will recommend you talk to a mold remedy specialist.

Replace window coating

Replace window coating

Windows for new home construction come with coating films that give them special properties based on the materials used to make them. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) films are applied to windows to make it more stable. Contrastingly, UV films are made out of ceramic and metal as these materials help them add extra sun protection.

While all of these films have different benefits, they are all aimed at extending the life of your window. Thus, replacing them regularly will make your windows last longer.

You need to change PET films after 15 years, while UV films degrade faster and need to be replaced every 5 years. In addition to counting the years, any bubbling or discoloration in your film calls for a replacement as well.

Lubricate if needed

Window frames made out of vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass will need lubrication. You will need to lubricate them annually to ensure the moving parts keep functioning. The moving parts are your track and sash. To make sure your window needs lubrication, you can always ask window companies.

Key Takeaway

Regular maintenance, cleaning, and replacement are all vital in keeping your windows functioning as long as possible. All of these tips are things you can easily accomplish on your own or with outside help.