Interior Designers Flock to B&W for Help with Their Window and Doors!

B&W is the go-to window and door installation and sales company that interior designers contact to help them with their many home design projects. Interior designers contact us for different types of products for their interior decoration projects.

Here are some of the products that interior designers use for improving the ambiance and appearance of the house.

Vinyl Windows and Doors

Our vinyl windows and doors are not just affordable they are also durable. We offer sales and installation of vinyl windows and doors.

Interior decorators recommend our vinyl fixtures as they are elegant, cost-effective, and require minimum maintenance. They are perfect for budget custom design projects including home design and modern farmhouse interior design.

Custom Design Windows and Doors

B&W provides a range of high-quality windows and doors frames. You can buy our signature home design products including picture windows, awning windows, casement windows, single hung windows, folding and bi-folding windows.

Interior decorators also contact us for custom doors installation and replacement. We offer branded exterior and interior folding doors, multi-slide doors, French swing, and sliding patio.

The windows and doors we offer to our customers are made of the finest quality material with superior craftsmanship. All of our products are secure and strong. They are durable and able to stand up to different weather conditions.

Convenient and Hassle-Free Process

We have created a convenient process for the sale and installation of windows and doors for our customers. The process starts when our expert consultants carefully listen to your requirements and create a plan that meets your needs.

The next step is taking precise measurements to ensure accuracy and addressing any last-minute questions before finalizing the order. This ensures that the product will meet your exact requirements.

We will then come to your premises to install the window or doors. Our installers will take great care when installing the product. You can rest assured of professional work with no mess from our installation crew.

The process does not stop after the installation of the windows and doors. We also offer after-sales customer support. We are committed to delivering excellent quality service from the start to end

Energy-Efficient Products

One of the reasons that interior designers contact us to avail of our services is that we high offer energy-efficient products. Our products are designed to withstand the toughest climates. They also have been manufactured to maximize energy efficiency. 

B&W windows are made of special glazed glass material that prevents heat transfer from inside out. You can benefit from savings in energy bills by installing our windows and doors.

A Wide Selection of Windows and Doors

Interior designers contact us as we offer a wide range of windows and doors at affordable prices. Here are just some of the products that we offer to our valued customers for their home design projects.

B&W Windows

·         Picture Windows

Our picture windows are great for letting maximum light inside the rooms. The stationary windows add an aesthetic touch to the interior home design. When used in combination with four or more, they greatly enhance the elegance of a room.

·         Awning Windows

Awning windows are stationary on the top and slide open from the bottom. These windows are typically placed above traditional windows as architectural interest. We can custom made the windows to meet your requirements.

·         Folding Windows

Folding windows have a unique design with folding capabilities.  Multiple panels are staked together that can be folded to offer a full view of the outside.

·         Single Hung Windows

The single hung windows are a traditional choice for most homes. They slide up allowing air to enter the room. Most people select the window to save costs and also benefit from energy efficiency.

B&W Doors

·         Exterior Folding Doors

Exterior folding doors open up the inside of the room to the outside. It creates an outdoor experience from the inside of a room. The folding windows allow maximum light to enter the rooms and offer an expansive look of the outside.

·         Multi-Slide Doors

Multi-slide doors also open up the inside to the outside similar to a folding door. But they operate by sliding rather than folding the door. You can stack multiple sliding doors or stack them out of sight.

·         Sliding Patio

Sliding patio doors have a single stationary panel that slides open. These can fit in small as well as large spaces.

·         French Swing

French swing doors are traditional doors that swing inside. They have transparent glasses that allow natural light and offer views of the outside. These are mostly installed as patio doors but you can also install them as front doors.

Signature Series Products

Our B&W Signature series are popular among interior designers due to their distinct appearance. This signature line offers great contrast with light-colored interior home decoration. This branded series is maintenance-free and durable.

You can rest assured that our Signature series product will perform extremely well in different climates. The product has a unique multi-layer construction with cool colors plus by Skai ®. Additionally, special pigments minimize the thermal effect of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

The top layer of the Signature product has a transparent Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) overlay that provides extra protection. The lamination ensures high weather resistance and color stability. Moreover, the pigmented vinyl center has a patented IR reflective coating. All of this means that you have a premium quality product that offers great value for money.

Contact B&W for Home Design Projects

B&W is an exclusive WinDor dealer offering window and door installation services in Orange County, Corona, Irvine, Newport Beach, Anaheim, Brea, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, and Laguna Beach, CA. We specialize in the installation of large framed openings including bi-folding doors, pocket doors, and folding doors to residents of selected counties in California.

Contact us today if you want the premium quality modern design windows and doors for your home. Our products are best for all types of interior design projects including modern interior design, traditional home design, and farmhouse design projects.