How To Keep Your Bathroom Looking Fresh

Some rooms are always dirtier than others. But that doesn’t mean that these rooms don’t deserve a little bit of love.

Your bathroom is one such room. Although it’s probably one of the most used—and abused—spaces in your home, it doesn’t always look clean. Fortunately, with just a little bit of effort, you can completely transform your bathroom to make it look and feel fresher and cleaner!


Decluttering is a simple and effective way to make any space look clean and fresh. If you want your bathroom to feel like a spa or a sanctuary, we recommend minimizing the products on display. All you need to do is throw away empty shampoo and product bottles that have accumulated on your bathroom counter over the years. Decluttering is also known to reduce stress and is an inexpensive way to completely transform the look of your bathroom.

Pro tip: if you want some extra storage space, you can install some shelves above your toilet on your bathroom walls.

Go Green

Another inexpensive way to freshen up your bathroom is by introducing a little bit of greenery. Indoor plants are known to reduce stress and boost air quality, making them a perfect addition to your bathroom. Hang them off a wall or add them to your vanity for a visually appealing aesthetic. You can also hang up some art on the walls of your bathroom, making it feel more like an actual living space.

Paint It

Throwing on a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your bathroom. Refresh the wall paint and add light colors to make your bathroom feel more spacious and airy. Paint your vanity, your cabinets, or even create an accent wall if you really want to add some drama! You can also change the color of the grout in your tiles, switch up your bath rug for a Persian carpet and replace your shower curtain while you’re at it.


Install Vinyl Windows

Adding vinyl windows are the perfect way to spruce up your bathroom. Known to be simple yet elegant, and can easily be customized to fit the aesthetic of your home. Vinyl is light, airy, and contemporary, and allow for natural light to enter your bathroom, making it feel more spacious and less cramped. Ideal for smaller spaces, sliding and folding vinyl windows are among the most popular window replacement options in the market.

Vinyl windows are also a very economical option. They’re affordable, durable, and require little maintenance. They don’t age as fast as wooden windows that are subject to rusting and corrosion over time because they’re weather and scratch-resistant. With quick and easy installing, vinyl windows are the perfect hassle-free option to keep your bathroom looking fresh!

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