#1 Cause of Condensation Inside Windows and How to Fix the Problem

Condensation or moisture inside the windows can be a sign of a serious issue. Interior window condensation is mainly caused by the air leaking off the glass, which is then trapped inside the double-pane window. 

You should not ignore condensation for two reasons. Moisture that gets trapped inside the window leads to the formation of mold and mildew. What’s worse is that it can cause major damage to the house.

Moisture that gets trapped inside the window can result in rusting of the metal window frame. Wooden window frames will develop mold and rot due to the trapped moisture inside. The condensation can gradually open gaps, compromising the structural integrity of the house over time.

What is the Cause of Condensation Inside Windows?

Condensation inside the window happens when the seal holding the insulation gas deteriorates. This results in the leakage of the insulation gas. When the temperature of the glass drops below the dew point of the surrounding gas, moisture forms between the glass panes – also known as window sweating.

Moisture formation inside the window can lead to further damage if the problem is not resolved. Thus, you need to call a professional window installer to rectify the problem. 

Tips to Fix Condensation Formation In Your Windows

Condensation formation inside the window should never be ignored. You can avoid or minimize the formation of moisture inside the glass pane by following the measures below.

1. Increase the Temperature

Hand On Thermostat

One method to reduce the condensation inside the window is to increase the temperature. Moisture forms when the warm air comes in contact with the colder surface of the window. You can reduce the formation of moisture by slightly raising the room temperature.

Another option is to use curtains and blinds to increase the temperature of the window. You can also use drapes to increase the window temperature.

2. Use Kitchen Fan When Cooking

Cooking often results in the formation of moisture. If the moisture cannot escape from the house, it can get trapped inside a faulty double-pane window. You should consider turning on the fan every time you cook. You should continue running the fan for about 15 minutes after cooking.

3. Buy a Condensation Absorber

Condensation on Window

A moisture absorber can also help eliminate condensation from the house. Condensation absorber is often available in the forms of bags that you have to hang in your kitchen and bathrooms.

You should also place the moisture absorber near the windows where moisture tends to form inside the window pane. This would effectively solve the issue of window sweating, thereby saving you hundreds of dollars in damages.

4. Turn Off the Humidifier

Condensation problems in the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas are often caused due to using a humidifier. Some humidifiers are built in with the furnace or air conditioner. You should try turning down the humidifier to see if it solves the problem. Turning down the humidifier will result in less moisture formation, thereby reducing condensation.

5. Use Fan During Winter


Does the condensation formation occur during the winter? If so you should try using a ceiling fan that runs in an anti-clockwise direction to reduce window condensation. A fan that is rotating in the opposite direction will push the warm air down to the floor.

Condensation occurs when the warm air comes into contact with cold air. Since the fan circulating in an anti-clockwise direction will push the warm air into a downward direction, condensation will not form on the windows.

6. Use Storm Windows

An effective way to reduce condensation on the inside window is to use storm windows during the winter. Storm windows will prevent contact of warm air with the interior window. This will reduce condensation as well as frost build-up.

7. Window Insulation Kits

Using window insulation kits is another effective way to reduce condensation formation on the inside of the windows. The insulation kits can prevent warm air from leaking outside. This will also help in reducing energy bills.

Using window insulation kits is recommended if the condensation also forms between the interior and storm windows. The insulation kits will help prevent window damage and also keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

8. Move Indoor Plants Away from Windows

Do you have plants inside the house? While indoor plants help improve the ambiance of the room, you should know that they are also a source of air-bound vapor. If you place plants along the ledges of the window, you should consider relocating them away from the windows.

You should also avoid over-watering the indoor plants can also increase the concentration of water vapor inside the room. This will contribute to the build-up of moisture inside the house.

9. Buy a Weather Stripper

A weather stripper will help keep the warm air from leaking outside the house. Adding weather stripper to the windows will reduce the problem of condensation since warm air won’t leave the house. Weather stripping will also increase the energy efficiency of the house. You will have to rely less on your heating and cooling unit to keep the house warm.  

10. Replace the Windows

If the above options fail to fix the issue of window sweating from the inside, you will have to replace the window. You don’t have to replace the entire window. The condensation problem can be solved by replacing one of the glass panes.  

If you have tried all the options to fix condensation inside windows without success, it is time to call a professional window replacement company.

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