Americans sure love their patios. One Gallup survey revealed that most Americans enjoy spending their summer evenings in their homes’ outdoor spaces, and especially utilize the area for barbecue parties and gatherings. In California, patios are almost a crucial feature found in houses.

Want to give your patio a makeover? Here’s what you can do.

Use Statement Lighting

The type of lighting you choose can make or break your patio’s décor. Good lighting is necessary to make your space look warm and cozy even after the sun goes down. You don’t want lighting that’s too bright or too dull. This is why you need to invest in the kind of lighting that not only provides a balance between the two, but also makes a statement.

For example, bistro lights provide a warm glow that brightens up the area instantly. Rattan pendant lights also give your patio that extra punch it needs. Use the right cords and bulbs to make your space well-lit.

Bring in Some Greenery

A little greenery never hurt anybody. In fact, having some greenery in your patio is almost an integral part of your outdoor décor. It adds vibrancy and freshness to the place, making it appear more welcoming.

While you can of course place artificial plants in your patio, we suggest keeping it real. You can choose from a variety of potted plants and flower arrangements to decorate your space with, and even set up a small nursery in one corner. Alternately, if you wish to save ground space, you can go green by incorporating vertical displays. A freestanding plant wall looks amazing, and is also a great way for you to get creative. For instance, you can upcycle old cans and containers for your hanging plants, breathing life into household items that would’ve gone unused otherwise.

patio with potted plants placed around the area

Include Folding Elements

What’s a patio table without a colorful, foldable umbrella perched on top? We’ve all seen them at beaches and outdoor cafes, and have enjoyed the summery vibe they give off. So, why not have them included in your very own patio and elevate the space?

Foldable umbrellas instantly add personality to a patio space, making it look comfier and cozier. It offers protection from the sun on hot summer days, allowing you to enjoy a smoothie outdoor without getting sun burnt. On wintery days, it can be your shield against the freezing winds. And don’t worry, you can always remove the umbrellas and store them indoor if you’re not planning on using them for a while.

Similarly, folding chairs make a great addition to your patio space as well. For one, they provide extra seating and can be used whenever you have more guests. Secondly, you can decorate them with a variety of pillows and cushions to add a pop of color to your patio. Like the folding umbrellas, these too can be stored when not in use.

And while we’re on the subject of foldable items to add to your patio décor, let’s not forget folding doors! These exterior accordion doors Orange County are perfect for the weather in Orange County and provide a single swinging feature that makes them easy to use. Having these inserted at your patio’s entryway will definitely add a modern touch to the overall design and enable quick and convenient everyday operations.

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