The interior design of your home is important, but its curb appeal is as important (if not more.) Homemakers often overlook the need to focus on getting the best designs for their doors.

The exterior finish of your house can elevate its curb appeal and make it a head-turner on the street. The driveway and front lawn aren’t the only things that visitors look at; the patio and balcony doors can mean the difference between ordinary and outstanding.

Modern doors harmonize the home’s exterior with other elements of the architectural design. Their functionality is an invaluable need, but their design can’t be compromised either. We offer door installation that combines both to give your home a renovation that’s worth looking at.

We offer various contemporary door designs and vintage exterior fixtures that revive the look in your homes. Give your visitors a reason to look up and admire every inch of your house front with these door designs.

High Doorways and French Swing Doors

There’s a psychological reason that high doors endow you with an overwhelming sense of humility. Walking through high doorways into a grand modern home is awe-inspiring and indulges you into a deep-felt appreciation of the interiors. And that depends on the door designs that you choose for your home.

We can customize any of our door designs into a shape, color and size of your preference. Imagine looking at a house with tall French doors opening into the balcony. Wouldn’t you want to live there? Anybody would, and that’s precisely why you need to give your home a makeover that invites guests to admire and visit your house. This home addition is as contemporary as classic and ideal for modern home exteriors with oomph.

Wide Sliding Patio Doors

How pretty is it to have a patio door opening into a beautiful outdoor deck that overlooks the front lawn? The door will be visible from the front, and that’s precisely why you need to make sure it exhibits an appeal that reflects your taste.

The wider the sliding door panels, the more expansive your home will look. Even if your house isn’t huge, the right design tools can make it look spacious, and this is one of those tricks. As your patio doors glide open widely and welcome you to enter, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a completely new world.

You’re welcome to tailor the door installation specifications to your liking so that the result is exactly what you hoped for!

French Doors

Classic Wood Door Frames with Glass Panels

If there are two interior design materials that never go out of fashion, they’re wood and glass. We’ve paired the two in our beautiful exterior folding doors and multi-slide fixtures. Nothing beats the appeal of glass panels.

Wooden frames allow simplicity with minimal hardware to occupy little visual space. This leaves room for eyes to wander and gives you the freedom to move around. With a wood stain to match your interiors, the doors can be matched with your theme to blend in perfectly.

The natural brown tones give your home interiors a warm, earthy feel that distinguishes it from bland contemporary colors. Give your home the touch of love it needs with our door replacements!

At B&W LLC—Orange County Window and Door Replacement, we offer the door replacement Orange County. We also provide customized window replacement Orange County homes so that our clients get the dream home they’ve always wanted. They also give free no-obligation quotes, so feel free to hit them up for details.

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