We entered 2021 with lockdowns still in place in most parts of the world. Spending a lot of time working from home has redefined how we see our indoor spaces.

If you’re looking for some design inspiration, here are some trending doors and windows installation ideas:

More Light

As you spend more time indoors, more natural light in the house can do you good. Large windows and glass doors are, therefore, becoming quite popular. You will have to ensure the glass for these windows or doors is infrared-reflecting and energy-efficient, so more light into the room doesn’t increase its temperature.


As you spend their time working or learning from home, noise becomes an important issue to deal with. To block outside noises and create a noise-free zone where you can comfortably work or study, you can soundproof your windows using double-paned windows or seals. A soundproof door is also worth investing in if you have children and have meetings to attend online.


Using sustainable materials in construction has gained momentum in the past few years. 2021 is no different and is the year when sustainability is still on top of homemakers’ list. Wooden materials such as sustainable timber can be used to create eco-friendly windows and doors. Timber helps purify your home’s air quality and gives a strong personality to your doors and windows, enhancing their visual appeal.

A cottage covered with flower vines


Are you also swooning over those picturesque cottage pictures on your social media platforms? This trend of romanticizing cottage aesthetics, known as cottagecore, is all the rage in 2021. Homemakers can use rustic, vintage materials, including wood, for doors and windows to apply the look into their home. Wood is a material that requires frequent maintenance. Before opting for it, make sure you’re willing to care for it.


Doors and windows of 2021 focus on simple designs. Single paned glass windows and doors with plain textures and simple handles are quite popular now. Simplicity is not only present in the designs of doors and windows but also their functionality. Sliding doors are trending as they are easy to use, less noisy and give more space to a room. Sliding windows also gain popularity as cleaning them is more manageable, and they provide great ventilation to a room.

Doors and windows trends in 2021 are all about making your home inclusive of the outside world. As people spend more time indoors, a living space with much natural light and less noise become essential. If you plan to reinstall your windows and doors or are looking for suitable options, B&W can help. B&W can help with doors and window replacement Orange County, CA.  Visit our showroom near you to view our collection of windows and doors. You can also get in touch with us directly by calling us on 714-559-3454!

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