For several reasons, your old windows might not be cutting it for you. There’s a lot that goes into getting new windows, as you have a lot of options to choose from, and factors such as where you place them, your need and your budget will help you narrow down your options while making the best choice possible.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the factors as well as types of windows to think about while you try to make up your mind about window replacement for your home.

The Frame

While people usually get caught up thinking about the glass that goes into the windows, the frame around that glass is least considered. You have various wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass options, to count a few mainstream ones.

Wood Frame

Wood frames look well and come in multiple finishes. But as wood is prone to damage at the hands of Mother Nature, often wooden frames have aluminum or vinyl around it for support, which are called clad-wood frames. The coating around it protects it from rotting.

Vinyl Frame

Vinyl frames, in general, are cheap and go well with minimalist white themes because of their color. They’re fairly resilient and don’t fade or rot over time easily, so they’re recommended for window replacement.

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frames are fairly light, and they’re a very good option for wet places as they are resistant to corrosion, while still being cheap.

Fiberglass Frame

Fiberglass windows are similar to aluminum, as it’ also strong against external environment and water-proof, and does not spoil or rot with time. If it rains around in the area frequently, these could be a good option for window replacement.

Types of Windows

Accent Windows

Accent windows are fixed, as they do not have any moving parts. They do not allow any ventilation and usually exist for decorative purposes. They can let a lot of light in, so they help with illumination if not airflow.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two movable sashes, one above and one below. You can let in cool air into the room by raising the lower sash and lowering up the top sash. Doing this makes the hotter air move to the top and hit the ceiling while cold air can get in the room through the bottom sash.

Double hung wooden windows.

Single Hung Windows

These are similar to double-hung ones, but only the lower sash is movable. Some of these have sashes that can rotate around the axis so you can clean them easily.

What’s Next?

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