Casement Windows: All You Need to Know

Casement windows are a popular window option to install in your home. They open outward, unlike some modern windows, which can be slid or open up and down.

The very act of opening or closing a casement window can feel like allowing in fresh air or shutting out the cold outside. Here’s what you should know if you plan to install casement windows in your home:


Since casement windows open outward, you’d have to ensure there’s plenty of space outside to do so in whichever area of your house you plan to install them. Check the outer space to see if it will allow the window to open all the way.

Energy Savings

Casement windows are a great way to conserve energy around your home. They are useful for providing ventilation in a room, and the tight seals on the windows ensure that no gaps allow the air to leak. This means that the room can be kept warm during winters and cool in summers and you won’t have to spend big bucks on ensuring insulation.


Casement windows are locked with a hook-shaped lock installed in the frame of the window. This makes them very difficult to break into; casement windows are perhaps the most secure kind of windows to get if safety is your primary concern.

Sunlight comes in a room through an open window


Casement windows are also very easy to clean and require little maintenance. If you’re looking for a easy maintenance, these windows are the right choice.


While casement windows are quite sturdy and durable, you may experience problems with the crank as they age. The crank can become worn or defective, not allowing the window to stay open or close properly. However, the metal crank can be easily replaced by a professional.

Casement windows are very beneficial for your home in terms of ventilation, security, and low maintenance. B&W provides a range of custom windows and vinyl windows Costa Mesa. Check out all our window products and submit a service request to learn more about how you can get them installed.



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