Buying Patio Doors? Consider These 4 Things

The patio door creates the first impression of your outdoor space. Getting the right one for your home can ensure your property looks pleasant and inviting. Here are four important things to keep in mind before buying a patio door.

Type of Patio Doors

Patio doors come in different styles. These styles essentially differ based on how the doors open. You can choose from sliding, folding, or swinging patio doors. Sliding doors are the easiest as they don’t require space in the patio for the doors to open and can give you more patio space. The most popular swinging patio door options are French patio doors. Folding patio doors give you more dimensions in the door and save on the door opening space. Before deciding on the type of patio door you like, make sure there is enough space to open or close them. You can choose the designs based on what you like and which door offers the best functionality.

The Right Material

Once a design is finalized, you should consider the material of the patio door next. Materials range from wood and fiberglass to vinyl and steel. The material you choose should be durable to withstand the temperature and rain outside and strong enough to have firm seals. Vinyl is a popular option as it’s durable, low maintenance and less expensive. Steel is more expensive but is still very energy-efficient, while fiberglass has exceptional strength and durability. Wood is the most high maintenance material as it’s more susceptible to damage by elements in nature. The right material will depend on the level of maintenance you’re willing to put in as well as the appearance you’d like for the patio door.

A patio entrance on the side of a house

Color Choice

The most popular choice for the frame of patio doors is white. However, don’t let this stop you from experimenting with the color of your patio door. A bold patio door color can add a sharp accent to your home, which will look contrasting. You can choose to make it stand out or blend it in with your wall colors using warm colors.

Accompanying Accessories

Once you’ve cleared out the above important questions, it’s now time to consider the type of door handle you’d like for the patio door as well as any other accompanying accessory to add to it such as curtains. A multipoint handle will give extra grip and security to the patio door. Curtains made of light material will be easy to move with the door and allow air to flow.

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