Why should you get a garden window replacement?

  1. Let in more light
  2. Improved ventilation
  3. Indoor gardening
  4. Better aesthetics
  5. Resale value

You can put a garden window replacement in any window pane slot you have. However, most people prefer the single pane windows for simplicity. Garden windows are often placed over the sink and countertops in the kitchen, overlooking the garden or backyard. And though most people would just think that they’re there for design purposes, there’s a lot more to what they can bring.

Installing a garden window in your kitchen is an ideal way of creating a brighter home. It can also be a great way to get some sun as you do your activities in the kitchen!

Garden windows are precious. The cost of getting your traditional windows replaced will vary depending on factors such as their size and location. However, if you’re going to install a garden window, you’ll most certainly reap the many benefits that it can bring. Take a look at the things that garden windows will provide to your home once you install them!

Let In More Light

Let In More Light

Garden windows that are placed slightly above or in front of your sink will allow more sunlight to enter your kitchen thanks to its large opening. Keep in mind that the garden windows slightly protrude outwards. This design helps capture more sunlight from the sun. Garden windows can be your greatest source of natural sunlight during the day.
This is ideal for homes that have a backyard or a front yard that can be seen through the window. Not only will it bring about some nice natural lighting, but it’ll also show you a refreshing sight of greenery.

By making use of natural light, you can lessen your use of indoor lighting and save money on electricity. In fact, the more windows you have in certain parts of your home, the more energy you can save.

Garden windows, in particular, are usually made with special glass that lets light in but not the UV rays or heat—making them incredibly energy efficient.

Improved Ventilation

Windows that can be opened will almost always improve the airflow within a home. Garden windows provide great ventilation to kitchens, which is necessary if you are going to cook a lot. Keep in mind that when you’re cooking and you don’t have any ventilation system installed, the smoke that is produced will start to stagnate within the room and will either make people feel uncomfortable or suffocated. The smell of the food might also end up sticking to their clothes.

With proper ventilation, you prevent all of this from happening.

Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening

If you’re the type that likes gardening, or plants in general, then getting a garden window is going to be a great experience for you. As previously mentioned, these types of windows protrude outwards. This creates a ledge indoors — a perfect space where you can put small objects.

Most people take advantage of this space and create a mini-indoor garden. Place small potted plants in your garden window so you can keep an eye on them as you go about your kitchen duties.

Some people take this a step further and grow herbs used for cooking in this area. It’s a smart thing to do since the garden window is the best place to do that. It’s basically a controlled area where the potted plants are not vulnerable to the usual threats such as rodents, worms, etc.

Not only will this type of indoor gardening benefit you practically, but it will also add a bit of extra face value to the whole area.

Better Aesthetics

Garden windows are a mix of functionality and visuals. Its unique design will surely make a house more accented than usual. It brings about a feeling of appeal that isn’t really found in normal windows. On its own, garden windows are beautiful—especially the way they extend out of the house. But what will really make it stand out is when you begin to incorporate designs onto them.

For example, an indoor garden will make it seem like you have such an eco-friendly mindset to many people, especially if the plants are well-maintained.

Resale Value

Resale Value

Putting all of the above together, garden windows are an upgrade to your typical windows. And because of that, it will also increase the value of the whole house when you want to appraise it. If you’re planning on selling the house and want to increase it’s real-estate value, installing garden windows will benefit you a lot!

Key Takeaway

Garden windows are great for new home construction and renovations. The benefits that you get from them are above and beyond the cost of getting them installed. Not only will they upgrade your kitchen to a whole new level once you install them, but they will also make your home that much more beautiful.

A mix of functionality and aesthetics — that’s what garden windows are.

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