5 Ideal Windows for Your Modern House

Large and statement windows can enhance your home’s curb appeal, blending the cozy interiors with the lush exteriors. If you’re looking for the perfect windows, here are some options you can consider.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

If the view outside your house is charming and one that you can’t get enough of, a suitable option would be to install floor-to-ceiling windows. These add a personality to the room they’re installed in. However, larger windows may mean that more light enters the room, which could heat it quickly. Consider an infrared-reflecting glass if you are planning to choose these windows.

Ceiling Windows

These windows are gaining popularity as they give you more privacy and let in more sunlight into the room. With ceiling windows, you can create a natural lighting system in the room, allowing you to conserve energy during the daytime. These can be placed at an angle if you have a slanted roof, which allows the light to change throughout the day.

A Double pane window in a kitchen

Double Panes

Simplicity is best defined as the design aesthetic for modern homes. When it comes to windows, this simplicity is incorporated using double-paned glass windows instead of windows with many grids. These allow an unobstructed, clearer view from the inside and look neat and straightforward on the outside.

Multiple-sized Windows

Multiple-sized windows can also enhance the look of your modern home. Different sized windows can allow you can get creative with their placement and control how the light enters a room. The variation also looks trendy from the outside.

Corner Panes

Conventionally windows were placed in the middle of the walls. In modern homes, you can change this and add windows that meet at the walls’ corners. This widens the dimensions of the outside view you’re getting and adds a modern touch.

Windows in modern homes add to the design and functionality of the house. If you’re looking for custom windows Orange County options for your home, we can help! We even provide vinyl windows Newport Beach. Check out all our window products or visit our showroom to see our windows in person! Contact us on 714-559-3454 to learn more.

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