Small spaces aren’t inherently a bad thing. Some people actually enjoy small rooms for the utility they offer. They might find larger spaces overwhelming and empty, especially if they live a minimalist life. However, not everyone shares this lifestyle. Some people find small rooms claustrophobic and too compact to fit their furniture, etc.

While there’s little you can do to actually increase a room’s size short of rebuilding it, you can create the illusion of space. This can help curb feelings of suffocation and make a room feel cozier. Windows are particularly useful for this end, and here are some ways to use them to make a space look bigger.

More Light

Getting more natural light into your room can create the illusion of space. Essentially, the light opens up the room, highlights the corners, and generally makes it seem larger than it is. More is better in this situation. Ideally, you should try to get natural light from different areas in a room to highlight different parts of the room.

Getting windows installed around the room, rather than concentrated on one side, will help make a room appear larger. If you’re trying to make a bathroom look bigger, or if privacy is an issue, consider sheer drapes. Lastly, you can always replace the current windows with larger windows to get more light into the room.

Vertical Windows and Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Placing greater emphasis on your room’s verticality can help divert attention away from low ceilings and compact spaces. Vertical windows are particularly adept at doing this, as they also let more light into the room. At night, when natural light isn’t a concern, you can divert more focus to the verticality of the windows by using floor-to-ceiling drapes.

Picture windows in a room overlooking a city

Use Windows and Mirrors

Mirrors are extremely useful for making a room look larger, as they can reflect. However, you don’t just want to reflect the parts of the room you can see. Use a window to emphasize aspects of the room that you can’t see from a particular position. Placing a mirror in front of a window can reflect the outside inside the room, making it appear larger.

Window Location

Another way to make spaces appear larger is to alter where you place your windows. Light that shines in from above, as opposed to below, gives the impression of height. For instance, if you place windows above peoples’ head-level, it’ll also emphasize your room’s verticality.

Besides emphasizing the height, this also preserves your room’s privacy, as lower windows mean people can peep. Don’t place the windows too close to the ceiling, however, as that’ll also draw peoples’ attention to the lack of verticality.

If you’re looking to redo a room’s windows to make it appear larger, get in touch with us at B&W. We provide custom window replacement Orange County, Costa Mesa, and Irvine, CA for different windows, such as awning windows Orange County.

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