4 Eccentric Windows Styles to Revamp Your Room

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Are you thinking of remodeling your room to reflect your unique personality? We’d recommend you start with your windows. Research has shown that in 2021, the window installation industry’s market size in the U.S. is a bit over $4.6 billion.

One of the most important things that homeowners prioritize is their windows, as they are crucial in determining the view, lighting, and exposure you get to your outdoor space. Windows can be enough to showcase your quirky personality if you know which design to implement. Here are some unique window styles that can revamp your room’s interior.

White Window Grids

If your bohemian style is waiting to be unleashed, this window style might be the perfect addition to your room. White window grids create a unique, hybrid style through their horizontal lines that can easily be paired with some vivid artwork and a neutral-colored couch.

Through carefree and unconventional aesthetics, the grids between the glass can also make it easy for you to clean vinyl windows. They can also allow sunlight to stream into your room, providing a clear view of the outside.

Pair these vinyl windows with an orange loop area rug, a wooden table, a tan Roman hue, and a tropical house plant. This way, your room will exude a homey vibe, allowing you to relax and blend with nature.

Grid Work

In period movies, you may have noticed how the windows were always constructed with multiple pieces of glass joined together.

Gridwork vinyl windows can help you recreate that Pride & Prejudice environment that tempts you to look outside for your version of Mr. Darcy. You can either select colonial grids with six individual windowpanes or prairie style grids with an outside perimeter.


Millwork Window Frames

While a smooth and uniform window design reflects an immaculate, orderly personality, you can change your room’s look with beaded millwork on the frame of your vinyl windows. This will make it look as if they’ve come straight out of the sawmill, enabling you to pair it with a rustic décor that displays your love for the countryside.

Double Hung Vinyl Windows

These vinyl windows have two sashes that can slide vertically and open from the top or bottom while staying within the frame. They’re incredibly versatile as they can help you mix classic and contemporary designs to make your room stand out in a modern or traditional styled home.

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