Christmas may still be more than a month away, but you know what they say; it’s never too early to think holiday décor! While we’d recommend waiting a few more weeks till you put up your Christmas décor, you can still run by ideas and make preparations.

Here are a few window décor ideas for you to try out this holiday season.

Glass Ball Ornaments

What’s that one décor item you can’t not have on Christmas? Glass ornaments!

Be it for Christmas trees, rooftop hangings, window decorations, or even as centerpieces, you can’t go wrong with colorful glass balls and some ribbon. Simply tie a piece of colorful ribbon to each glass ball and stick them with tape on the top area of your windows. There are so many different colors to choose from when it comes to glass ornaments, so you’ll have plenty of variety. You can go traditional with some red and green ones, or opt for a more sophisticated look with some silver and gold glass balls.

Glass ornaments can be hung (read: stuck) vertically on windows, or in the form of a tight bouquet-like decoration. They’ll brighten up the room when they catch light. You can even create a centerpiece for your windowsill comprising assorted glass ornaments.


Just like glass ornaments, wreaths are a must-have for Christmas. Usually, these are placed on the walls or the front door, but you can also put them up on your windows for a little extra oomph. The green wreaths with red ribbons scream Merry Christmas, and will definitely enhance your holiday décor.

To make the wreaths even more festive, add some ornaments or faux candy canes to them. This works best when you’ve creates a garland as these additions work as the perfect embellishments. You can then place the wreaths either outdoors or indoors, depending on which side of the window you want to decorate.

Don’t forget to add tiny bells to your garlands!

Frosted Drawings

You don’t have to stick to hanging ornaments or windowsill décor to give your windows that holiday spirit. One of the simplest and easiest way to decorate your windows is by drawing on them.

window decorated with frosted drawings and a Christmas garland

Don’t be alarmed. This won’t ruin your windows and leave you with permanently stained glass.  We’re talking about adding some frosted drawings to your windows using white markers designed specifically for this purpose. You can easily buy these at a craft store and test out a small patch of glass before you dive into a full-blown drawing.

Window-friendly white markers are great for leaving temporary holiday messages for your family, and even your neighbors. You can add doodles of snowflakes alongside these for a “frostier” look. In fact, you can create all kinds of fancy designs on designated windows and make them look beautiful. Get creative!

Before you proceed with holiday window décor, make sure your windows are in good shape. You can even opt for window replacement to enhance your décor just before the holidays.

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